GW2 Now the Fastest Selling MMORPG Ever

Remember just a year ago when people were scoffing at the idea that any game could ever unseat the all powerful World of Warcraft from the MMO throne? Well, that day may actually be upon us in the near future. Guild Wars 2, released on August 28th of last year, is now the fastest-selling MMORPG

GW2 Best PvP Class: What Profession Dominates PvP in Guild Wars 2

I’ve noticed a lot of threads popping up on the official Guild Wars 2 forums, GW2Guru, and other big community GW2 sites asking a specific question – what is the BEST PvP class in GW2? – well, that’s a bit difficult to answer. There isn’t necessarily a “best” class per se but there are definitely

GW2 Cultural Weapons Overview & Vendors

I recently wrote up a post about the different cultural armor sets in Guild Wars 2 where I talked about what they are, gave previews of the different styles, and other details. Well, that’s not all there is in the game. There are also cultural weapons available for players in GW2. There are 3 unique

GW2 WvW Rankings for 8/13

With the newest living story content, Queen Jennah’s Jubilee, in full swing and players taking advantage of the farming opportunities and rewards WvW has been a bit quiet on some servers as of late. But that hasn’t stopped the powerhouse of Blackgate by any means. Right now in the GW2 WvW rankings the top 3

GW2 Cultural Armor Sets for All Races

There are tons of different armor types found throughout Guild Wars 2 (like the GW2 vigil armor) but perhaps some of the most interesting and beautifully-crafted pieces are the GW2 cultural armor sets. There are 3 sets (tier 1, 2, and 3)  of these for each of the 5 races in the game. Each set

GW2 Vigil Armor: Looks of Each Set & More

One of the several benefits of completing your own personal story in Guild Wars 2 is being able to pick up unique sets of armor that look pretty snazzy. One set is the GW2 Vigil armor, a set that is only accessible if you choose to side with the Vigil during your story quests. There

GW2 Around the Web: Hot Posts to Read This Week

As I’m sure most of you already know GW2 Masters is not the only Guild Wars 2 blog around. There are tons of great sites out there for GW2 players, both small and large. Today I’m starting up a new weekly post where I’ll be sharing some of the articles I’ve found from the week

GW2 Monthly Achievements: 3 Reasons You NEED To Do Them

Monthly achievements in Guild Wars 2 are often seen as pointless grinds for little or no return. But, that really isn’t true. The GW2 monthly main only reward you with a tiny bit of coin, some karma, mystic coins, and laurels, but you can make great use of that.

Queen’s Jubilee Adds New Content & Features to GW2 Starting August 6th

ArenaNet, still pushing forward with their promise of new content every 2 weeks in Guild Wars 2, announced the newest upcoming Living World content, Queen’s Jubilee, recently. This new chapter for Tyria will begin on August 6th and ushers in a wide variety of new events, unique rewards, new in-game features, and more. From a

3 New Armor Skins Hit the GW2 Gem Store

Today ArenaNet has added 3 brand new armor skins to the gem store in Guild Wars 2. They’re pretty awesome looking but cost a hefty 800 gems each. The 3 new skins are named: